Spinoza & Matter Waves

Guest Entry: A poem by Shambhavi, scientist and aspiring creative philosopher

I live alone

Reflect on my life and surroundings

Have conversations in my head through the day

Sometimes I’ll text my thoughts to a friend

Sometimes I’ll tweet them

It is this desire to get a thought out of your head 

as it becomes an organism of its own

This is why I write, 

Why I do what I do

I like things

Which make patterns

That make other patterns

I like learning about the world

Miss being close to people

I love being in nature

And drinking in its richness

I think about trees, creatures, elements

I think about Spinoza and God

I inhabit now

Until I return to oneness.

(Inspired by Lewis Fry Richardson)

Shambhavi's Website: https://www.kachua.de/