Reversal of argumentation

Striped Insights

After many conversations on the topics of exploiting, using, and devouring animals, I have reversed the focus in my current research, because the red herrings of the interlocutors clearly indicate that they are aware of the imbalance of their own attitudes and actions - keywords "I eat very little meat - and if so, only organic", "the production has to change, the consumers have no influence" - but as a consequence the real issue can always be circumvented. As the real issue I refer to the question: (Why) Is it okay for you that animals are killed for you? So the questioning does not focus on against whom the injustice is committed, but by whom. By means of the answers received, a picture can be gained of how patterns of justification, explanation or repression run. For in this way, on the one hand, the well-known debate about differences between humans and animals ("livestock") is eliminated, which denotes an often-used diversionary tactic, and on the other hand, it can be kept in mind that while each "victim" of violence has "only" one single, personal life and experience – whereas the perpetrator accumulates feelings of guilt with each individual event, even if these are not reflected upon or directly communicated.

Okapi waves a fly off its back with a flourish. - Perpetrator sounds almost criminal, it states matter-of-factly. - Many will not see it that way. After all, everyone has the right to free development. - And that includes the freedom to destroy life and habitat? Zebra wants to know. Okapi just snorts. - I know, that was a rhetorical question. There can be no such freedom, of course. - It can't, but often there is! says Okapi in a lecturing tone. - Truth is stranger than fiction, you know that. - But that distracts from the question of guilt. I believe that you can only feel guilty for something you are responsible for, Zebra counters. - That could be. What is one responsible for? Okapi asks with a beguiling look in its eyes. - Cliffhanger! Zebra grins. - I'll just say one thing in advance: you can actively take responsibility. If you don't want to just watch the disaster and whine about what's happening.