How to program your inner attitude toward money for joy, ease and success

Guest Entry by Goldfrau Babett Mahnert, Finance Coach

Let’s talk about Money, Honey!

Cross your heart:

- When you think about money - do you have a pleasant feeling, or do you rather feel a cold shiver?

- Do you like to look at your bank account or do you prefer to close your eyes?

Maybe you feel the same way as so many people who think that money is not something to talk about?

And you know what, that's what we're doing now - to change your life.

If you're saying, there's still something going on with my income and bank balance, then you should definitely read on.

Your income and bank balance are not a coincidence. It is the result of your inner attitude towards money.

That means what you believe about money and what you physically feel when you think about your finances.

Your attitude about money is probably something you picked up from your childhood. These 2 important questions will help you figure it out:

- What did your parents tell you about money? (There is always enough, There is always too little, We have to be thrifty...).

- What stories did your environment tell you about money? (For example, Money is good or bad).

Children have similar financial careers as their parents.

The good thing about this is: you can change it at any time, and it doesn't take as long as it took to learn this attitude.

Create your own truth and write down what you want to think about money from today.

This can be, for example:

"I allow myself everything. Happiness, health, and money are all available to me at any time without limit."

When it comes to money, there is another essential factor that is responsible for your bank balance.

When was the last time you thought about your self-worth?

To do so, start with the question:

"What do I think about myself?"

Your answers will give you information about how you feel about yourself.

Now you'll find out what that has to do with your bank balance.

There is a huge connection between your attitude towards yourself = self-worth and your income.

- Do you only feel valuable when you do something?

- Or do you also have value when you do nothing?

Oftentimes we have learned from our environment what we are worth. And that we have to do something to be loved.

At this point I will tell you an important secret for financial success:

You don't have to do anything to be valuable! You are enough!

No matter whether you are employed or self-employed.

Are you convinced that what you do has real value for the other person?

If you're not yet, here's my invitation to you:

- Train yourself to feel good every day!

This important question will also support you:

Why do you do what you do?

If making money is your strongest argument, then feel free to dive deeper and find out what you really really want.

Because that is your inner engine that shapes your life.

Do you want to feed your weak engine that just goes so slow your car won't stop, or do you want a strong engine that will take you where you want in life?

You decide:

Power and favorite life

Fear and stagnation

I deeply believe that you can create your favorite life! You carry everything within you that you can activate for yourself.

Babett Mahnert is a founder, mom, financial expert and podcaster. For 17 years she advised over 10,000 clients in 4 banks.

Babett enjoys supporting women on their way to more personal freedom and financial independence.