How female artists complete the art world

Guest contribution from Milica Mijajlovic, artist.

While thinking about this topic I wonder if we really complete the art world as females or we complete it as what we are as persons? More and more often, whenever someone calls me a “female” artist, I feel like it is a certain label. Sometimes this term sounds to me like a pointed finger into my practice. This pointed finger, since I am a female artist, feels like I am not artist in general, but some special sort, with a need for special treatment or understanding. Probably vulnerable, working with trauma or fighting for some rights. I think that female artists don’t complete the art world, they are equal part of it just as any other artists. Subjects and questions they are working with can be something that’s very different from what male artists have been dealing with throughout history, but often they also can be very alike; working with similar problems and communicating equivalent ideas. In my most recent show in Belgrade, that has been done as a collaboration between Nuša Hervans, Berlin based photographer, Belgrade based collective Vozdovacka Galerija, and me, named "I turn boobs into trees and whales and oceans" there was a notion about self-exploitation. The inspiration for this show was a text written by Pamela Anderson in 1995. where she is writing to PETA how she would like to use some of the media attention from herself to the subjects that are more important than her boobs and boyfriends. In the end of the letter she wrote a sentence "Please use me." Pamela self-exploited herself for the sake of the planet and the environment. In my practice I am using the language of self-exploration to work with most intimate questions which could be mutual for many other women, and many other human beings as well. This way, I think, we are aiming to shift things to a brighter direction and unintentionally we are connected on most unimaginable scales.